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About Us - Local Service Pte Ltd

Fridgerepair Singapore is a well-known and accredited frig repair company specializing in supplying, installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners and refrigerators. At FridgeRepair, we make it our top priority to resolve any issues that develop as a result of a defective refrigerator or fridge. This is why, from AM. to 10 PM., we have a team of committed professionals who will attend to your needs around the country. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we will make every effort to arrive at your place as soon as possible.

Our staff has been professionally trained to be familiar with all of the popular brands and models of washing machines and refrigerators in Singapore so that they can provide you with the best and quickest service in getting your systems and appliances up and running, whether it’s at your home or at your place of business. As a result, they have been specially educated to pay close attention to the smallest of details in order to ensure that no fridge repair service issue is left unattended. Furthermore, it should be stated that the important jobs that they will accomplish will be completed in a precise and technical manner.

Apart from providing tried and true refrigerator repair services, our firm is committed to building close and long-term working connections with all of our clients. As a result, we strive for continuous development in both service and communication in order to meet each customer’s unique demands based on genuine feedback from current and prior customers. The advantages of Fridgerepair’s repairing services do not stop there. Keep in mind that the ones we provide will not break the pocket.

Simply, if you hire our services, you can rest confident that your food will stay fresh if you use your fridge for domestic purposes, and that your company’s earnings will not suffer as a result of impeded operations if you use it for commercial ones. You can save money with our assistance. For costs, services, reservations, and other related inquiries contact Fridgerepair. Our staff is more than willing to explain our packages and assist you.